Specialisation by Sectors

Your goods are special

For this reason, we use different vehicles, operating procedures and security and temperature-control protocols for each product.  We can count on divisions dedicated to food, fruit and vegetables, pharmaceuticals, perfumes and cosmetics, tobacco, technology and textiles.

Benchmark brands from each one of these industries already trust in Logista Freight.

We see transport as another phase in the product’s lifespan, and that is why we use cutting-edge technology specifically developed for the purpose of guaranteeing traceability, safety, security and maintaining the cool chain.

  • Officially approved and specific fleet for each sector (multi-temperature, double deck, or hanging garments).
  • Real-time temperature control system with alarms that anticipate possible incidents.
  • Annual probe calibration plan.
  • Risk analysis and cleaning and disinfection protocols in order to avoid cross contamination.
  • Continuous training aimed at drivers and traffic operators, in order that they are aware of the transport specifications for each product in detail.